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How Not to Diet Out Now in Spanish 

How Not to Diet is now available in Spanish in hardcover and ebook editions on Amazon.es, Amazon.com.mx, and other online retailers. More information and the links for several stores can be found here. You can find the availability of all translations of all of my books here. 

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Key Takeaways: Environment

Environment. Sea and sandy beachIn honor of Earth Day, we are highlighting the relationship between what we eat and the environment this month. What role does our food play in climate change? Which diet has the least impact on the environment? Check out the topic page for information from microplastics to foods with the lowest carbon footprint. 

“Simply cutting down on the meat you eat to less than an ounce or two a day can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of land use, a more healthful diet, like a Mediterranean diet, may decrease your footprint by about a quarter, whereas even more plant-based diets can drop it by 50 percent or more.” (From Which Diets Have the Lowest Carbon Footprint?)


Recipe: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Balsamic Date Glaze

Stuffed Sweet PotatoesI love sweet potatoes. They’re one of the healthiest foods on the planet and one of the tastiest, too. The purple ones are the best, and you can usually find them at Asian markets and specialty natural groceries. They’re so good and good for you that I usually send them out in the mail as holiday gifts! Get the recipe here, and watch how it’s made on our Reels video.



Welcome, Tabitha!

Tabitha joins us as our new Digital Outreach Assistant. With a business administration degree from Western Michigan University and an extensive marketing background, Tabitha works with our Digital Outreach Director to optimize and execute NutritionFacts.org’s digital marketing campaigns and improve our SEO strategies. She balances these analytical projects with creative hobbies such as photography, reading, and writing. Originally from Michigan, Tabitha now lives in Atlanta where she enjoys hiking, golfing, and racquetball. 


Volunteer Spotlight: Patricia Penna

I’ve been volunteering with NutritionFacts.org for almost four years. I started helping with video uploads and now help with blog uploads. NutritionFacts.org‘s mission, empowering people with evidence-based information on the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet, is what inspires me to support their work and help spread the word. I am happy to know that I contribute a bit to their amazing work. 

Favorite Recipe: I love this Veggie Mac & Cheese. It has my favorite foods: pasta, kale, a creamy cashew sauce, herbs, spices and tomatoes. Super easy, delicious, and nutritious.



Top 3 Videos of the Month


Flashback Friday: The Best Diet for DiabetesFlashback Friday: The Best Diet for Diabetes

The case for using a plant-based diet to reduce the burden of diabetes has never been stronger.



Do Angioplasty Heart Stent Procedures Work?Do Angioplasty Heart Stent Procedures Work?

There are demonstrably no benefits to the hundreds of thousands of angioplasty and stent procedures performed outside of an emergency setting. They don’t prevent heart attacks, enable you to live longer, or even help with symptoms any more than placebo (fake) surgery.


Why Angioplasty Heart Stents Don’t Work BetterWhy Angioplasty Heart Stents Don’t Work Better

Most heart attacks are caused by nonobstructive plaques that infiltrate the entire coronary artery tree. There is no such thing as “1-vessel disease,” “2-vessel disease,” or “left main disease.” Atherosclerotic plaque is continuous throughout the coronary arteries of heart attack victims.


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Live Q&AEvery month, I do a live Q&A directly from my treadmill, and today, April 22, is the day.

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