Nurses are superheroes. Whether you have a friend or family member who is a nurse or have experienced a nurse’s care and compassion first-hand during a hospital visit or stay, you know that nurses are amazing people. They deserve all the credit for how hard they work. Of course, now more than ever, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is testing nurses’ strength and willpower—often working them to the max. However, they continue to show tremendous resolve and deliver amazing care. Nutrisystem wants to show all nurses some love by celebrating their heroic work on National Nurses Day.

In honor of National Nurses Day, we are sharing five of the many reasons why we love nurses:

1. Nurses Care—They Really Care

There are a lot of caring people in the world. However, there’s something special about people who go into “helping professions,” like nursing. These are people who are so passionate about helping others that they want to make an entire career out of it—and that’s noble. We think they rock for how much love they show their patients. Of course, nurses are there to not only provide their patients with comfort and help them through a range of emotions, but to also be there for patients’ families, too. If you’ve ever had a loved one in the hospital, then you know just how much you’ve relied on nurses for everything from translating what the doctor says to becoming your loved one’s support system when you’re not there.

2. They Keep Showing Up

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Even when times are at their toughest, nurses keep showing up. They put a smile on their face for their patients, though they may go home and cry when their shift is over. National Nurses Day

Showing up again and again, even after a tough shift, has always been commendable. But in the face of COVID-19 it is downright heroic. They come to work every day to take their place on the frontlines and literally put their own lives at risk in the process. They spend their days in uncomfortable masks and face shields and other protective gear they can’t touch or remove. They suffer through that discomfort so that they can keep showing up, no matter how difficult it gets. Nurses are a constant in a sea of changing times. They deserve recognition not only today but every day for these efforts.

3. Nurses Bring Calm to Stressful Times

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Do you ever notice how nurses are cool as a cucumber, even when everything seems to be falling apart? Even at the most stressful times, they remain calm, cool and collected. They’re a group that has “seen it all” and they are able to bring calmness to stressful situations as a result. This is really important in times of crisis. Nurses’ ability to stay calm and rational is so important to patients and their families who might be in one of the most stressful situations of their life. They hold it together when their patients cannot.

4. They are Amazing Problem Solvers

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Another one of the great attributes of nurses is the fact that they are fantastic problem solvers. They understand that no two patients are the same and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nursing. They can adapt their skills to unforeseen circumstances and come up with solutions in the face of problems. Nurses are also quick responders. If something suddenly goes awry with a patient, they spring into action. Their quick-thinking nature and ability to overcome challenges can be the difference between life and death—and we commend them for that, not only today but every day!

5. They Never Give Up on Their Patients


Nurses believe in their patients. Whether battling an illness, coming out of a surgery, delivering a baby or going through another medical situation, it’s often a nurse that patients rely on most. It is a nurse’s comfort and care that gets people through the toughest times. They are there to hold your hand or smile, even if it is only with their eyes because their mouth is covered by a mask. Nurses give us hope, even when all hope seems lost.

For these things and more, we say thank you. Happy National Nurses Day to all of the nurses out there. We love you!


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