The aroma of fresh-baked bread makes your home feel just a little cozier when the weather outside turns chilly. Eating bread straight from the oven warms you up from the inside out, too. But maybe you have heard that you have to avoid all bread recipes when you’re trying to eat healthy and lose extra pounds. We’re here to tell you that you can enjoy all of the sensory pleasures of homemade bread and stay on track to your weight loss goals.

With these 11 healthy bread recipes, you can treat yourself and the rest of your household to the tantalizing smells and the satisfying tastes of bread this season. Best of all, these recipes are so easy, you don’t need any baking experience.

Healthy Seeded Whole Bread dough

Calories per Serving: 188

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb and 2 Extras

Baking your own bread lets you use deliciously healthy ingredients like sunflower and pumpkin seeds to add extra flavor and crunch to your sandwiches. Try this healthy bread to make a classic PB&J, toast it and top it with avocado or turn it into a perfect seasonal treat with a spread of fresh apple butter.

Healthy Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Bread

Calories per Serving: 137

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb and 1 Extra

If you like healthy bread recipes that are soft and sweet, this simple loaf is sure to become a favorite for your breakfast or coffee breaks. It is low in calories—with just 137 per serving—and has no added sugar because the sweetness comes from oranges and applesauce.

Healthy Whole Wheat Herb Focaccia

Calories per Serving: 129

On Nutrisystem, Count As: ½ SmartCarb, 2 Extras

Focaccia (pronounced “foe-KAH-chuh”) is a savory Italian-style flatbread with a texture like pizza dough. Enjoy it alongside soup and salad or just dip it in low-sodium, sugar-free marinara sauce. Bump up the taste of your focaccia with plenty of fresh herbs like rosemary and oregano, which are Free foods that add no calories but lots of flavor.

Irish Soda Bread

Calories per Serving: 109

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb

A staple for many bread-loving families, our Irish Soda Bread features the flavors of orange, vanilla and raisins. Plus, it gives you all the satisfaction of a firm and chewy loaf. We made it with whole wheat flour, so it’s high in fiber and just one slice leaves you feeling full for hours.

5-Ingredient Buffalo Cauliflower Breadsticks

Calories per Serving: 116

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 PowerFuel and 1 Vegetable

For parties, game days or a snack anytime, these breadsticks treat you and your gang to the zesty flavor of buffalo sauce and gooey melted cheese atop a hearty base that’s perfectly crusty. You can have the breadsticks warm and ready to eat in under 30 minutes—even faster if you pick up cauliflower “rice” in the produce or frozen food sections of your grocery store.

Healthy Honey Yogurt Cornbread Muffins

Calories per Serving: 110

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb

Muffins are the happy spot where bread meets cake—they’re soft and fluffy yet flavorful and filling. Sweet honey and tangy yogurt combine with savory cornbread to make these muffins tasty and oh-so-satisfying, but just right for your healthy eating plan.

Healthy Air Fryer Garlic Bread

Calories per Serving: 109

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb and 1 Extra

A side of garlic bread can turn any Italian dish into a feast worthy of your favorite Italian restaurant. Try this easy garlic bread recipe with our Four Cheese Manicotti or Meatballs in Marinara Sauce. We made our version of garlic bread in the air fryer so it comes out crispy and warm, yet easy on the calories.

Healthy Gluten-Free Banana Bread

Calories per Serving: 150

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb and 1 Extra

Whether you’ve never made banana bread before or if you’ve been baking for years, you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to whip up this tasty loaf. In just five simple steps, you’ll have a fragrant and moist bread ready to slice and enjoy for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Gluten-Free Maple Cornbread

Calories per Serving: 98

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb

Whether you’re trying to avoid gluten or just love the taste and texture of warm cornbread straight from the oven, this version is the perfect side to soups, stews or our Chockful of Veggie Chili. The maple syrup gives the bread a hint of sweetness but keeps it less than 100 calories per serving.

Easy-to-make Healthy Zucchini Bread

Calories per Serving: 114

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 SmartCarb and 1 Extra

This simple loaf is so soft, moist and rich in flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg, it’s almost like coffee cake. But it’s high in fiber because it’s made with whole wheat flour and shredded zucchini, so it keeps you feeling full for hours after eating it.

Cauliflower Crust Breadsticks

Calories per Serving: 204

On Nutrisystem, Count As: 1 PowerFuel, 2 Vegetables and 1 Extra

Lots of mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and Italian seasonings load up these warm and crusty breadsticks with flavor. Even better: you can eat four of them and get only about 200 calories, plus 16 grams of protein and two of your daily servings of non-starchy vegetables. What could be better?


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